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We at NameHippo, understand that doing research and finding great domain name for business or startup is a very tedious, patience driven and complex process. Due to a large market size, most of the domain names are already registered. So even after spending ample time for the searching the possibility and availability of domain name isn’t available.

Hush. Take a deep breath!! Don’t worry, we will take care of your domain name needs at NameHippo! We have a collection of quality handpicked unique business names tailored only for your business/startup! Escalate your growth story by incorporating these powerful brand name. At NameHippo, you can easily find and buy creative business names. Simply put some keywords related to your business in the search box and you will get a word treat for sure! We provide you with ready-to-use logo domain name so that your time is saved to a great extent. We only sell curated quality domain names for new businesses and brands.

How to choose a Brandable domain name for your business or startup?

  1. Remember your customer: Always think of a name which resonates with your business niche and whom your customers can relate to. You have to become and think like a customer for you to pick up the best title. Do look for social media handles while doing this also.
  2. Credibility: People look for honesty and professionalism, even if the name is very original and unique.
  3. Easy to recall: They are simple to understand and retain.
  4. Relevant and distinct: Even if the name is not precise, it should be unique and relatable.
  5. Keep it short: Basically they should be small for the sake of memorability.

We value your time, Once purchase is complete we instantly transfer launch-able domains along with a ready to use the logo to you. Our Support is available 24*7, we resolve your queries instantly also we love to hear your suggestions.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to name the next big thing as our experts carefully selects and categorizes domain names to be short, compelling and brandable.



We protect every transaction through a careful escrow process by DAN, leading to 100% successful acquisitions.


We have partnered with DAN to processes all payments with professional-grade security so you never have to worry!


Customers love our support. We are always available for you and respond as soon as possible.

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